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Crete senensi

Crete senensi

The Crete Senesi is the area southeast of Siena; the name comes from clay or clay in the soil and the landscape from the typical gray-blue, often defined lunar. The entire landscape is characterized by soft hill, the few forests leave space to the endless stretches of wheat fields and grassland, able to change color with the changing seasons.
Crete Senesi can be considered the world's most photographed
landscape. There is in fact, in the collective imagination of everyone, a corner of the landscape, perhaps unconsciously, is a snapshot of this great sea of clay.
In spring, nature makes the fields become green waves windswept and autumn, when the farmers' plows bring bare clay soil, prevail purple highlights.
It is a land of agriculture, made famous thanks to the delicious products. Among these, the "cheese", pecorino unique like the unmistakable flavor that wild herbs to the sheep's milk. Other famous products are the valuable oil Dop, and the white truffle of the Crete Senesi, one of the rarest and most prized in Italy
Another distinguishing feature of this area is water, both as a decorative element of the landscape, both as an important method of treatment, through the
spa, which offers skin treatments and devices engines and respirators. These include the Terme di San Giovanni and Terme Antica Querciolaia Rapolano Terme
The Crete Senesi are not only a land of nature but also of
art; one of the hills sensesi was chosen by Jean Paul Philippe as the ideal place in which to place his work transitoire Site. Then there is the Ragnaia woods, a park whose function is to stimulate the curiosity and creativity of the traveler, drifting from the charm of the place.

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